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Although I have already deleted the email notification that my "summer sky" post was approved, it did move from my personal gallery page to my skins page. Yet I still can't see it on the Logonstudio Vista page.

I've also posted a "summer sky" dream, that one got approved aswell and appeared just fine.

Wassup, did i miss something?

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A few days ago I submitted two Logonstudio Vista works, "I don't think so" and "Summertime". Both were rejected.
I got two replies for both submissions, one was an automated response and the other had comments.

I was very happy to read those comments because both of them gave the reason for their rejection as concerns about ownership. One was even formulated as a question "Did you personally make that pic or take that pic?? If not, then you cant use the wall without permission." Great! Because getting permission from myself was pretty quick and easy!

So I answered the questions by sending a reply explaining that I did make both works and added screenshots from the 3d editor I used as proof. Both showed the depicted scene from 4 different perspectives.

However, I never got a reply and the work was never posted. This makes me wonder wether replies are even read on that account (

So. whatsup? Was my mail read? Can you guys track back the mail I send? Does it change your decision about my submissions? If you want me to, I can post those screenshots here.
And separately from that, a request. If you ask people to proof their ownership or permission to use certain material, please describe a way for them to give you an answer.

btw, I am happy that wincustomize takes issues of ownership seriously so there's no complaint from me there.
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Mar 27, 2008 6:10 PM by Discussion: WinCustomize Site Issues
I noticed that the thumbnail of my dream Summertime on is missing a girl.
I take it those thumbnails are automatically generated and cropped but as it is now, it isn't representative of the actual dream. Is there any way that can be fixed?

Mmm, I've taken a look at your html-code and I see the image itself is not cropped but it's containing divs have the property overflow: hidden. If you would like to center the images inside those divs you can simply add this to your stylesheet:

.Dream_ScreenShots_Row img { margin: -6px 0 0 -30px; }

This would work with all thumbnails, including widescreen formats. It works in firefox and IE7, haven't been able to test in IE6.
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